About Us


Launching in 2021, we are a handmade bracelet brand that is focused on bringing you stylish, delicate, feminine, and versatile bracelets to let your personality shine. Bracelets are designed and carefully crafted by our founder (and you yes, we do personalized bracelets too)  Wear one to keep it simple and understated - or stack your HALOs to make a true statement (we LOVE a good stack!) Quality, style, and an eye for detail are of the utmost importance to us.  

 We offer a variety of beads and charms made from metals, gold & silver plated beads, as well as precious & semi-precious stones to give our bracelet collections a sense of diversity.  Thus, allowing options to suit your personal style.  It’s all about spreading love through bracelets! 

​Brand Founder

My name is Christina and welcome to Heart + Halo.  This brand is a true labor of LOVE.  With a degree in marketing and decades of work in the fashion & retail industry, it was time to see my dream realized.  With a passion for bracelets (and accessories in general), it was time to follow my heart and start a brand that supports spreading love and letting our individual personalities shine through bracelets. As a Mom-trepreneur, a girl boss, a creative queen, and a dreamer - I want to spread love, positivity, and confidence to all who wear my bracelets.  I look forward to sharing all of my halos with you - may you LOVE them as much as I do! Thank you for supporting Heart + Halo and this Mom’s dream! 

-xo Christina